Hey Rishi, overlooked jobless over50s need a lifeline too

The future of work this time – that’s the thread I’m pulling from the jaws of what’s increasingly looking like a global depression in my ongoing series The Post-COVID Future of Everything.

Everything’s in flux – what jobs will survive four months of the forced shutdown of supply and demand. That’s never happened before.

There’s no end of speculation about the magnitude of the unemployment surge ahead. There’s no recovery-path consensus from economists – how could there be? COVID has exploded all the certainties and models of yore.

The pandemic’s impact on older workers is being tracked by the fabulous Stuart Lewis, founder CEO of the digital jobs and advice site Rest Less UK, a partner of The Big Middle.

He warns Chancellor Rishi Sunak is distorting the labour market with his temporary youth jobs scheme, sabotaging the survival efforts of overlooked jobless over50s.

What’s the right crisis response to surging unemployment and financial precarity for all ages?

We hear the heart-rending stories of long-time jobless Maura and Steve, both living on a knife-edge but, somehow, battling on to try to beat the ageism odds and get a job, any job.




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