Learn to be happy by ditching the "curse of mediocrity" and "rethinking your thinking"

The COVID pandemic has thrust many of us into a state of acute stress and anxiety – manageable for some but a cliff edge to a full-blown mental health crisis for others.

The loss of a loved one takes the trauma next-level.

How we cope is highly personal.

I, no surprise, have nothing to add to the explosion of advice out there about stress management and self-care and making it to the other side intact, as unscathed as possible.

But I’ve taken great care to find someone who does – someone with professional credentials with plenty to say that goes beyond the profusion of platitudes.

Andy Cope calls himself the UK’s first ever Doctor of Happiness with good, scientific reason. I guarantee you will feel happier just listening to him. He sparkles.

And if you act on his invaluable advice, you’ll be on your way to shifting your attitude to achieve the happiness we all seek and deserve.



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