Anti-ageism dermatologist: "I'm the ultimate wrinkle defender"

We talk ageism in the Skincare Industrial Complex this time out on the podcast, my 100% free-range collection of what interests me and hopefully you too about how we’re living now – healthier for longer in that extended phase of midlife I call The Big Middle.

When I stumbled upon the work of my guest, New York dermatologist Dr Fayne Frey, I did that thing where you read something insanely good that jibes precisely with your thoughts on said subject – you punch the air and shout yaaaaaaasss – must get her on the pod.

What I read was her column Making the Case for Inexpensive Skincare Products on an online site called 50Plus Today.

My interest in her and all she does grew when I clicked into, her skincare education site. This is where she helps us, the bewildered victims of the dodgy bits of that Skincare Industrial Complex. With scientific and medical rigour, she strips away the BS and helps steer us to the best, safe, affordable products to put on our precious skin.

I’m more than a little bit in love with Fayne now and bet you will be too. Enjoy!


Specific products are mentioned as Dr Frey-approved. Neither of us has any financial links to any of the products named in this episode. Dr Frey’s is an independent and impartial organization with no financial interest relevant to any products mentioned on it and referenced here.


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