Hot flash: Why the female hormone testosterone is the third leg of the body-identical HRT stool

It’s me, Susan Flory, serving up another slice of need-to-know information about the messy glorious stage of life I call The Big Middle.

I’ve been exploring the black hole of nutrition in the medical education universe of late. Now, we’re going deep into the perhaps bigger black hole of menopause.

Dr Zoe Hodson is on a mission of remedial menopause education and sisterly love she says is often exasperating. She kindly made time to speak with me on World Menopause Day (October 18, 2021) from her home in Manchester.

We learn why testosterone is the mostly missing female hormone in the standard body-identical HRT mix, go into detail about the physiological and neurological rewards of modern, regulated HRT, share our menopause experiences, bemoan the reality of medical sexism, and rejoice that women have safe, evidence-based ways to improve their quality of life instead of suffering debilitating symptoms in silence.


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