"Hunger makes you fat - satiety is key"

What a thrill and privilege to have another peak health masterclass from legendary sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes.

This eager student got it while hosting the first podcast for Pro Longevity – the award-winning, precision nutrition service of Graham Phillips.

The retired University of Cape Town professor is one of the world’s most influential and energetic advocates of eating low-carb high-fat to halt the raging, parallel pandemic of cardio-metabolic disease. He’s reversed his Type 2 diabetes by restricting carbs and adding healthy fats after decades of adhering to standard dietary advice, heavy on grains, spare the fat. An ultra-endurance athlete, he’d been carb-loading to run marathons and teaching students to do the same.

Prof Tim Noakes is transforming the lives of countless unhealthy people the world over through his writing, talks and education and research bodies The Noakes Foundation and the Nutrition Network.

We agree with those who call Prof Noakes a “world resource”. And he’s as courageous as he is humble, having won a protracted legal challenge from organised nutrition in South Africa with unassailable scientific evidence.

“I got it all wrong for 33 years”

“Hunger makes you fat. Obesity is a disease of hunger.”

“Sugar [addiction] and the industrial food diet is such a driver of obesity. You can control your cravings by getting rid of the sugar and carbohydrates”

“You cannot control your weight if you are eating four or five times a day. You have to be eating once or twice a day.”

“If we can educate one doctor, it will have a massive influence on their patients and public health.”

On my frustrating battle with menopausal weight gain: “I think a lot of people put on weight on this [#LCHF] diet.. Eating high fat is the problem. They need to up their protein [references the P:E regimen of Ted Naiman]… That’s the only thing I understand at the moment…Makes sense to me that some people will benefit by eating a much higher protein diet and less fat but they must be satiated, that’s the key..”

On one insulin-dependent woman’s experience of glucose turbulence in pregnancy: “Her insulin resistance was very bad during her pregnancy – she had to inject insulin. The moment the placenta was free her blood glucose dropped out of the sky and she had to be put on a glucose drip for three days. So, what’s going on?..There is so much we don’t understand. We’ve kind of scraped the surface with what we can measure.”

On large South African study of risk predictors of fatal COVID outcomes that“showed age and Type 2 diabetes – not tuberculosis and HIV Aids – were the only two factors that increased COVID risk by 8% to 12%.

On an imaginary, blow-out day of carb feasting? Prof Noakes has “reprogrammed my brain” and won’t eat the pizza. It “tastes so disgusting”. But Graham would binge on a family pizza for two, a sackful of corn chips, a family bucket of battered chicken fried in “carcinogenic seed oils”, then feel wretched for days. 


Please view the information in this episode as only that; it should not be construed as medical advice. Go to your GP or family doctor for that.


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