Very insightful

A very interesting podcast, relevant in Australia too. Great insights into a stage of life frequently ignored

EpicBec via Apple Podcasts ·Australia ·11/13/2022

So much to learn and enjoy

There’s so much to learn from and enjoy on The Big Middle. Thus far Ive spent time with Nicolette Hahn Niman, Ben Bikman, James Connolly, Dr Jay Wrigley, the Drs Unwin, Sam Feltham, Prof Tim Noakes and Tucker Goodrich, but there’s so much more to explore. Susan is smart and generous spirited, and has a talent for eliciting intimate and insightful conversations, making connections and drawing parallels. And I could listen to her mellifluous voice all day.

matt b-s via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/29/22

A much-needed and appreciated voice

Intelligent and warm host. Her mellifluous voice is like a tonic, her guests and interview style very engaging. Thank you Susan.

ngsic1571 via Apple Podcasts Australia 07/24/22

Every man should listen to episode 99

Brilliant Susan!

glee1968 18/03/2022

Information and inspiration

Hosted by the wonderful Susan Flory this podcast gathers together the great and the good of the pursuit of longevity and wellness. If you are interested in how to get healthier and live a more positive, fulfilled life (even when the first flush of youth has passed us by) this is the podcast for you. A lovely relaxed style delivering so much life changing information, what’s not to love? 10/10

Holistix via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·11/17/2021

In a sea of podcasts…

.. it can be confusing to choose which ones are worth your time…usually we either want fun and light or informative and interesting, The Big Middle gives you all of those…Susan interviews those at the top of their field who know what they’re talking about, which leaves you feeling like you’ve learnt something useful and broadened your knowledge, yet her stlye of interviewing is fun and transparent and brings topics that can be a little out of our comfort zone to make them understandable and attainable to everyone. A great podcast I can highly recommend!

Suisseaussie via Apple Podcasts ·Switzerland ·11/12/2021

The Big Conversation

Yes, I’m cheating a bit, because I appeared on Susan’s podcast. Beforehand, I thought I’d maybe catch a snippet or two so I’d know what to expect. I ended up getting hooked and binge-listening to the back catalogue. Because it’s superb!

Recovering academic via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 07/25/21

*****W o W*****

Hi Sam! I listened to this interview on The Big Middle Podcast. You couldn’t have been interviewed by anyone more well-spoken than she! Egad what diction! I was gobsmacked.You really shone, not only due 2 ur innate talents, but via such an interviewer! Class act all around!

Paula @DietScold about my interview of author Sam Apple via Twitter May16

Great inventory…

…of longevity podcasts created by Susan. Wonderfully broad ranging – from nutrition, jobs, ageism through to future trends driven by science #aging

Prof Andrew Scott, economist, author The 100 Year Life, London via Twitter Apr2


Excellent interview – one of the most natural, open conversations I’ve heard on a health podcast. The health stories are important, helping people understand what so many are going through. The description of severe migraine match the ones I used to have, before cutting n-6.

Ken Strain on Twitter about episode on toxic seed oils (n-6) with Tucker Goodrich Feb 21/2021

So good on so many levels

I love this podcast. It’s so insightful on so many different levels. If you have older parents who are dealing with getting on in life, this will give you a real head’s up into some of the issues and learn how to help them through it. It’s also great if you’re heading into middle age yourself (even if you’re in denial, like me!) – it’s a clever way of preparing yourself for the next stage. There is also a great variety in the topics/guests. Just have a listen!

LPrickitt via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 10/12/20

The Big Middle – Jobless after 50 under COVID

Susan is such a great radio / podcast journalist, she is a lovely host, she engages with her guests, you can feel she is genuinely caring about people and their problems, and she engages with her audience. A great listener makes a great interviewer. You would definitely want to join join her for tea and continue the conversation!

Nathalie MInard via Apple Podcasts · France · 10/20/20

Smart and Sassy

This is the podcast to stretch your mind, explore the global issues of ageism, lonegvity and making a difference in the world. Susan Flory is your sherpa and oh my, sit tight and listen, you will laugh and learn and trust me, take notes as you go. Enjoy!

Kerry Hannon via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·09/08/2020

“Proper” Journalism at last!

Unlike so many, Susan has a long pedigree as a leading journalist and boy does it show! She’s assembled a fascinating and eclectic group of people to interview always attached to a unifying theme of getting the best out of life in the middle years. My personal favourite is Prof Tim Noakes…

Graham Phillips via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/29/20

Informative and insightful

Susan Flory delves deep and wide into one of the most relevant and yet overlooked issues of our time: how can we make the most, as a society, of the gift of longer, healthier lifespans? I’ve been binge-listening back episodes and learned so much from her in-depth interviews of leading scientists, doctors, academics and inspiring older people. Her passion for the topic is infectious!

atinatinati via Apple Podcasts ·Switzerland ·05/06/2020

Inspirational speakers and interviewer alike

Loving these podcasts – Susan Flory’s calm yet inquisitive tone combined with a rich source of inspirational interviewees make these rich pickings. Not only because they tackle so many facets of ageing but for the depth and breadth of research presented in an erudite yet entertaining way.

Tesskh2020 via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·04/17/2020

Very enjoyable and interesting listening

A broad range of topics around ageing from many different lenses. Keep the conversation going!

anathomas023 via Apple Podcasts ·Australia ·05/30/2020

Excellent Podcast

I’ve just found this excellent podcast and am binge-listening to the entire archive of intelligent conversations on life in The Big Middle.  Host Susan Flory brings solid journalism chops to the table, producing informative and engaging episodes featuring voices we need to hear.

Mary Rogers 50 via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·02/29/2020

Excellent podcast

In particular, the Lizzie and Alex episode was actually what prompted me to apply to join Hoxby. I was aware before, but this was the catalyst. All good so far!

firefighter us via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·02/24/2020

Trailblazer podcast to change how we see ageing

Susan Flory has a rare gift of finding the people making waves to change how we see getting older – and using her journalistic skills to ensure their knowledge and inspiration reaches the masses – critical to change the negative attitudes towards ageing and challenge the ageism that pervades society.

Tina Live Longer Better via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·02/14/2020

A revelation!

Really interesting topics covered and great content – thank you!

Podcasts are the future via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·02/13/2020

Marketing Consultant

Love these podcasts. So many different views from people from all walks of life, all determined to smash the age stereotype. If you are experiencing similar challenges these podcasts will be a source of resilience, companionship and inspiration. If you are not, still listen as they will help you become part of the solution.

All nickames are gone via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·02/12/2020

Best podcast exploring longevity and midlife

The quality of speakers, interviewing style, and production professionalism make The Big Middle podcast stand out from others in the ageing space. The content is so great that it should come with CPD points attached! Susan manages to find and attract the most incredible guests who challenge our society’s obsession with youth. Since I found The BIg MIddle, I haven’t missed an episode and it tops my list of favourite podcasts.

Mum of 6 week old via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·01/29/2020

My go-to podcast to learn and be entertained on topics covering longevity movement!

I am a huge fan of your podcast Susan Flory. I am telling everyone I know to make time to listen to this episode. It is brilliant. It made me laugh and even cry a little. I’ve listened to these people over 70 sharing precious insights into their lives and want to meet them all. Makes me think I need to stop and talk to people, ask questions and listen more.

Virginia Simpson, Cambridge, UK June 22nd, 2019 on episode: What it means, what it feels like to grow old

Leesa Bright posting on

I love this podcast. The topics are relevant to listeners younger and older. It’s got me thinking about our language and views as a society and looking into my next 40 years. The variety is wonderful; from genetics to fashion and workplace to community. I’m a binge listener and can often be found grabbing an hour to listen to as many as I can.

Leesa Bright, Cape Town, RSA, April 16th 2019

Sharon Ely posting on

I’ve learnt so much in such a short time listening to Susan’s enquiries of her broad range of guests who each have a different and equally fascinating point of engagement with ageing and ageism, it’s been an efficient and enjoyable route to a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities that has made me feel very positive about the future.

Sharon Ely February 26, 2019

A clear signal in a world full of noise

I just heard Susan’s interview of Jonathan Rauch. I was struck immediately by the depth with which she engages with her subjects and by her deep curiosity as a listener. Unlike the bravado common to so many others in the podcasting universe, Susan leads with a marked willingness to be still and vulnerable and real. Thank you, Susan, for who you are as much as what you do.

Adrian Juric via Apple Podcasts ·Canada ·12/13/2018

Fab topics

Fab topics for those in and approaching their silver years! Great contributors interviewed by a first class journalist. Keep up the good work!

IvoriesDan via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·10/19/2019

Excellent insight into midlife and Susan Flory rocks

Stumbled upon this podcast after doing research and very impressed by the title and what to expect as we get older. Susan is an excellent communicator and interviewer.

strongcurves from USA on April 17, 2019

Terrific podcast about midlife matters

I highly recommend this entertaining and informative podcast from Susan Flory on issues we face in midlife. Susan is a wonderful, inquisitive broadcaster and gets great guests on the subject. Have a listen!

Richard Eisenberg, Managing Editor, mr.right. via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·11/27/2018

The podcast I didn’t know I needed to listen to

In the beginning, the topic of aging and age discrimination made me anxious. I’m approaching the time in my career when it could be a problem. But this podcast changes everything! It presents a positive spin on aging. There’s always something new and interesting to learn. Presenter Susan Flory is delightful, insightful and clearly passionate about the subject matter. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Listen, subscribe, review. You won’t be disappointed!

sammie :] via Apple Podcasts ·Australia ·02/24/2019

Must Listen!

Great podcast. Thoughtful and inspiring. The topic is timely and crucially important for those of all ages to give a listen. Dismantling ageism will be an intergenerational and intersectional collaboration. Susan does a great job curating the best voices tackling this huge issue.

Crone in Training via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·12/08/2018

My favourite podcast in the midlife space

You can tell that Susan Flory is a broadcasting pro. On her podcast “The Big Middle”, she interviews thought leaders with a unique perspective on midlife and positive ageing, she shares deep and stimulating conversations, she makes it easy to stay tuned for the entire episode. On top of it all, Susan has a beautiful, soothing voice. Her podcast is one of my absolute favourites and I look forward to every single episode.

Ruth Winden via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain 12/10/2018

US Social Gerontologist Jeanette Leardi posting on

As someone who was just a guest on The Big Middle podcast, I can unequivocally state that Susan Flory is an expert interviewer. First of all, she does her homework in advance and thoroughly researches each guest’s interests and efforts. Secondly, she is a careful listener, reflecting back important points and enhancing them. Thirdly, she cares about both her interviewee and her audience, making sure that the pace and flow of the interaction allow for the inclusion of as many important insights as can fit in the designated time frame. And finally, she seeks out those experts who can offer a wide range of provocative perspectives on the “Big Middle” period of the modern lifespan. Her podcast is simply one of the best around.

Jeanette Leardi, March 22, 2019

Wonderful and Important

Susan’s interview of Jonathan Rauch was superb. Thoughtful, incisive questioning coupled with exquisite listening and mastery of silence. What really made it superb was her own willingness to be vulnerable on the topic of ageism. I’ll be listening to a lot more of her in the future. Thank you Susan!

Therapist/film-maker via Apple Podcasts ·Canada 12/14/2018

Listen up!

Longer lives are here to stay, a global demographic shift that will affect every corner of our lives, from how we work & play to how we stay healthy, engaged, and visible. Journalist Susan Flory chooses well and does her homework, making The Big Middle required listening for any smart person interested in this tectonic shift in human relations.

Ashton Applewhite, anti-ageism activist, NYC, USA • June 10, 2019

Essential listening and learning

“I’ve done dozens of podcasts and Susan’s remains one of my absolute favorites. I love her perspective. She is reframing the discussion on what it means to be an older adult. Her questions are thoughtful and provocative. She senses what people really want to know (and maybe are afraid to ask). She creates the space for her guests to be candid, to really say what’s on their minds. You feel like she’s sitting with you in your living room. Listening to her podcast is a real treat.”

Elizabeth White, aging solutions advocate, Washington DC, USA, July 29, 2019

Important Explorations in Getting to be Older

The Big Middle helps to fill a gaping void in the media when it comes to discourse around aging before old(er) age. We are all getting older, so why are so few people talking about it? We need to pay more attention to how we think about aging and where those thoughts come from. Susan Flory does a great job addressing this by exposing the ageism lurking behind every corner of our culture. Her guests are thoughtful, passionate, knowledgeable- and most importantly entertaining. She really does a great job exploring this uncharted territory with them.

Ryan Backer via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·12/07/2018

The Big Middle

Love this Podcast series, it’s relevant and concerns us all either now or at some point in the future, Susan is raw and self exposing in her interviews which makes us feel a whole lot better about ourselves..highly recommend you listen in!

Suisseaussie via Apple Podcasts ·Switzerland ·10/10/2018