Sex Glorious Sex: need-to-know info from an expert on sexual health and pleasure

She’s been called Queen of Orgasms and The Lube Queen. On the socials, she goes by SamTalksSex. Sam Evans is a  sexual health and pleasure expert who’s exasperated that frank talk and clear, practical information about all aspects of consensual sex is still hard to get, mired in stigma.

A former renal and occupational health nurse, she’s a tireless campaigner for better information and understanding of how to keep enjoying the many health benefits of sex no matter what life throws at you – illness, bereavement, menopause, relationship breakdown. And let’s not forget age. Sam is all about blowing up the stubborn myth that sex has an age-expiration date.

Sam advises health care professionals and gives talks to cancer and other charities when she’s not running Jo Divine, the online sexual aids company she set up with her husband in 2007.

The site has become a rich, public health service, an education hub about everything to do with healthy, consensual sex.

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