Graham Phillips: We're looking through the wrong end of the telescope, ignoring killer lifestyle diseases

How to survive COVID by optimising your metabolic health.

Eat real food. Ditch sugar. Avoid ultra-processed rubbish ‘food’; it’s addictive and keeps you hungry. Manage your stress with sleep and exercise.

That’s the topline advice of Graham Phillips, The Big Middle’s resident metabolic science guy.

He laments what he sees as a systemic failure to focus on the root cause of many COVID19 deaths – metabolic syndrome, the lifestyle cardio-metablic diseases already killing millions every year.

“You would assume only the adaptive immune system is the bit that works against COVID19, that unless we’ve either been infected or had a jab, there’s nothing we can do. But that’s not true.

The immune system is multilayered and your first line of defence in your immune system is the mucosal lining of your gut and your nasal cavities. And guess what looks after your immune system? Your microbiota, your bugs. So if you eat healthy food…you’ll be far more resistant to the infection.”


Please view the information in this episode as only that; it should not be construed as medical advice. Go to your GP or family doctor for that.



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