Takes her shot and becomes leading light in healthy longevity

I’m calling this episode Taking Your Shot. It’s what my guest Tina Woods said about her motivation and determination when we first met nearly two years ago, right after she’d helped launch The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.
She’s a serial social entrepreneur – founder and CEO of Longevity InternationalBusiness for Health, Collider Health and Collider Science.
Writing a book wasn’t an ambition. But a publisher sought her out and, 30 interviews and 18 months later, ‘Live Longer with AI’ was off to the printers. And, imagine this, it was instantly picked up by the UK’s National Health Service, judged a must read for all staff. Every NHS employee is entitled to a free copy.

We talk about the role of data, government, business and academia in a post-COVID world we hope pays more attention to reducing health and social inequality, get a progress report on the work of the APPG for Longevity, and hear how Tina’s gone from taking her shot to taking her place as a leading figure in the healthy longevity arena.


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