Ambitious national longevity strategy in the works for UK

You may well have missed the birth here in the UK of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on longevity. The announcement coincided with our first glimpse of a certain baby Archie. Safe to say, the newest member of the royal family has an excellent chance of living to 100 or more. Notwithstanding happenstance, his will be a cushy ride with opportunities aplenty.

But what fate awaits the less-privileged, now that one in three newborns are on course to live that long? And how will you and I make the most of the extra ten years we’re likely to live in good health?

Questions for my guest Tina Woods, CEO and co-founder of Longevity International, a think tank that’s running the new APPG on longevity.


  • Scope, goals, challenges, membership of APPG on benefits of longevity: To achieve additional five healthy, independent years by 2035, securing UK’s lead in global longevity league
  • Corporates, as well as all sectors of society, need to rise to the untapped opportunities of longer, healthy lives

    “We’re speaking to a lot of leaders in business and a lot of them are still thinking about millennials as the big opportunity. They forget that, actually, the +50 market is the third largest after China and the US, if you add up all the money.”

  • Preventative health a critical component of a national longevity strategy
  • APPG looking to collaborate with “pioneering organisations”, people with “passion and commitment”
  • Why Britain primed to outperform other countries in the longevity dividend stakes
  • Building an ecosystem for the APPG
  • What say to sceptics impatient for action after decades of study of implications of ageing population?
  • Rounding up the usual and “unusual suspects” to get a move on to craft strategy to deliver longevity benefits involves finding the “burning platforms” to achieve real change
  • How harness AI and data for longevity – “really exciting” applications, innovations and interventions that are safe, effective, ethical


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    • Susan Flory

      Indeed a toughie Michael but we can live in hope that talking about it can help shift mindsets. I look forward to reading your article. Cheers, Susan

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