Rejecting skincare hype and norms dished by culture starts with recognising them

How to keep your skin at its healthy best on this episode of The Big Middle, the podcast exploring longer, healthy midlife by design, learning from the sharpest thinkers around.

Regulars will know and adore the sharp thinker I’ve invited back on the show. It’s Dr Fayne Frey, crusading age-positive dermatologist and skin cancer specialist – my guiding light as you may have heard last week through my encounter with a malignant melanoma. Episode 49 is when you’ll hear her style herself as “the ultimate wrinkle defender”.

Dr Frey’s book The Skincare Hoax rocketed to the top of various Amazon sales charts even before it was out. In it she lays out how our sexist, ageist and lookist culture fabricates insecurities the skincare industry exploits.

“Kindness matters. Health matters. Accomplishments matter. None of those things come in a tube or bottle.”

And remember, she says, your top layer of skin is 20 layers of dead cells. No lotion or potion with a dollop of this vitamin or that mineral can penetrate it to do anything more than moisturise it and plump it up, temporarily.

Tune in to hear her shoot down the cultural norms, marketing buzzwords and predatory industry practises that abound in the glossies and on social media.

And if you’re addicted to an intricate skincare routine of 10 steps and as many expensive products, you’ll be fascinated by Fayne’s pared down route to her healthy, glowing skin.



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