18 months on, you can barely see the scar!

A skin cancer update for you now if you’re a regular listener or viewer of The Big Middle – a mix of the personal and the general.

Eighteen months after the first of two operations to cut out a malignant melanoma [yup, that’s it in the photo], I’m happy to report the scar on my outer calf has smoothed out impressively; it’s kinda bumpy-wavy now, nicely faded.

I thought it would never settle down. It resembled a shark bite for the first six months after the surgeries. I still can’t quite believe the dark brown splotch that suddenly appeared turned out to be malignant.

I can’t rave enough about the first-class treatment I got from the UK’s National Health Service, the NHS.

I’ve edited together the two skin cancer podcasts I put out last April – in the thick of the pandemic when I wasn’t sure what that thing was on my leg.

And a couple of weeks ago I had a new patch of strange checked by a lovely skin cancer nurse. Not to worry, she said, but good I’ve seen it.


So please heed the advice you’ll hear in this podcast, even if you haven’t been baking on beaches and been that bit careless about sunscreen.


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