"Retirement" or "when you control your own life" is about much more than money


They call themselves retirement recidivists.

My guests Bruce Hiland and Ted Kaufman tried but failed several times to call time on busy, high-status careers.

They’re the authors of the book Retiring?: Your Next Chapter is about Much More than Money.

They say figuring out what you’re going to do is job one after you’ve sorted your financial future.  To win at retirement, they say much more attention must be paid to planning how you’re going to feed your mind, body, heart and soul.

In their eighties now, Bruce and Ted decided to write their practical guide to the non-financial aspects of conventional retirement after hearing the frustrations of their contemporaries. Many had mistakenly thought ticking off bucket list adventures and hanging out with their grandkids would be enough to sustain them. There was little awareness of the fact we’re living longer and in better health so need a plan for 25 to 30 years of freedom from full-time, all-consuming work obligations on someone else’s clock.

Ted is a former US senator from Delaware, Joe Biden’s former chief of staff when the president was a senator and head of Biden’s presidential transition. He lives between Vero Beach, Florida and Wilmington, Delaware.

Bruce is a former management consultant and chief administrative officer for Time Inc.; he also lives in Vero Beach when he’s not hanging out with his family and savouring the natural delights of Middlebury, Vermont.


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