Driving culture change, teaching employers how to be 'menopause-friendly'

These days, we openly talk about virtually everything. So why oh why are some shtum when it comes to menopause? Too many barely whisper the word when it’s a life transition that can be debilitating for so many women, especially at work. Deborah Garlick is the founder of Henpicked, a community driving culture change around menopause in the UK and beyond. In workshops and at conferences, Henpicked is showing employers how to become ‘menopause-friendly’ to the enormous benefit of their employees’ mental health and their corporate wealth.


  • Many men keen to learn how to support women through the menopause transition
  • Roots of Henpicked and how menopause in the workplace mission developed
  • Resistance to opening up about menopause at work from some women?
  • Demographic reality of menopausal women living longer and needing/wanting to work into their 60s and 70s
  • One in four women is “completely lambasted” by menopause and feel their only option is to quit working
  • Deborah’s workshops help women understand the litany of symptoms they may not have known are linked to menopause
  • Employers quick to see benefits of becoming ‘menopause-friendly’, retaining and hiring menopausal women
  • Henpicked is working with (as yet unnamed) UK employer poised to promote itself as ‘menopause-friendly’ in job adverts – an exciting first in UK and perhaps anywhere
  • UK employers blazing a trail on menopause best practice?
  • What next for Henpicked?


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