The Nutrition Network: "Changing medicine, one practitioner at a time"

When it comes to nutrition, it’s no big stretch to say the medical education system is broken. The runaway global pandemic of lifestyle diseases confirms that sad fact. Knowledge gaps exist because the stewards of the system fail to prioritise nutrition training.

Enter the grassroots organisations of the unstoppable Real Food, Low-Carb movement.

In recent episodes of The Big Middle, we’ve met founders and ambassadors of the UK’s Public Health Collaboration charity.

Now, we learn about the Nutrition Network, part of The Noakes Foundation of celebrated sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes.

Jayne Bullen heads up the Network and is COO of the Foundation, the non-profit research arm headquartered in Cape Town but with a reach that spans the world. We also hear from Nutrition Network graduates Dr Andrew Oswari, a family doctor from New Jersey, and Frank Zweedijk, a Dutch osteopath. Enjoy!

**Oh and that’s my boycat Arlo – beauty huh? – in the photo. It had been all of 10mins without a snuggle so thoroughly understandable intrusion. Video coming soon for fellow cat crazies.

<< Please view the information in this episode as only that; it should not be construed as medical advice. Go to your GP or family doctor for that. >>


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