The future is now - the Hoxby world of work without bias

The fast-changing world of work is explored this time on The Big Middle.

I used to spend far too much of my early mornings jumping on and off trains to get to a TV news desk in an open-office incubator of noise and stress and rolling deadlines. Now, I swim most mornings after going hard with underwater weights at aqua aerobics.

Making this podcast, teaching and wearing my other job hats means I’m still staring at screens way too much but my work place is anywhere and everywhere; my schedule is mine to make. It’s comparative bliss.

It’s the kind of bliss at the core of Hoxby, a global, online talent hub that’s up-ended convention to create what its founders call a world of work without bias.

Those founders are Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst, who join me from their homes – their digital work spaces – in Bristol and Wiltshire.



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