No, it's not insane to start a biz in your 50s-60s-70s in a pandemic

With pandemic unemployment surging and businesses collapsing thanks to frozen funding and trade in the time of COVID, we explore The Big Middle big issue of starting a business. Crazy idea or go for it in the spirit of it’s now or never? If you’re over 50, it might be your best shot at financing your future. But as you know already, there’s a heckuva lot more to it than just having a brilliant idea.

Canadian entrepreneur Wendy Mayhew wrote a How To book to help you weigh up the risks and rewards. And we meet three over 50s who went for it and wish they’d done it sooner, all featured on her Wise 50 over 50 awards list in Canada. She joins me from my old student stomping grounds in Ottawa.

Lisa Hallsworth – Rillea Tech
Linda Peers – The Cultured Coconut
Jacques Cantin – D Givre



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