She ate no meat for 33 yrs but now champions beef for the health of us and the planet

I’m back with another fascinating guest in my ongoing quest to better understand how our food system became so badly broken and our nutrition beliefs so skewed.

Animal foods are demonised. Biologically-dead, factory-made fare that’s poisoning our bodies – and draining health care budgets – is being promoted in the guise of planetary preservation.

Where’s the truth? How do we get to solutions? How do we make the right healthy and ethical choices?

My guest is long-time vegetarian Nicolette Hahn Niman, an environmental activist lawyer-turned-beef farmer who’s been touring her latest book, the second edition of Defending Beef, across the UK from her ranch north of San Francisco.

We get into everything about the practise of regenerative farming, the environmental and health benefits of raising and eating grass-fed beef, and, in an interview first for Nicolette, discuss menopause and the challenges it brings to staying healthy and strong. Most of us need to take stock of our food choices and lifestyles at midlife, especially now that we’re ageing differently.

I know you’ll find this as fascinating as I did. I reverted to being an omnivore after years of vegetarianism so we talk plenty about what needs to change to make the lives of animals raised for food a whole lot less miserable.  Nicolette joins other #RealFood advocates in saying “It’s not the cow, it’s the how.”


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