Improving healthspan by developing ways to keep our ageing cells from going rogue

On The Big Middle this week with me, Susan Flory, thought food as promised from yet another distinguished innovator in healthy longevity. Dr Lynne Cox is a biochemistry professor at the University of Oxford.

She’s a member of the steering committee of ARCH, the University’s Ageing Research Collaborative Hub. I first met her in my work for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity – she’s a strategic advisor for the group and wrote a key paper titled the Economic and Scientific Case for Therapeutic Intervention in Ageing for the APPG’s action plan, out last month.

I was delighted to interview Prof Cox about her work on the biochemical mechanisms of ageing at the second annual Longevity Forum in November. The Longevity Forum – as you may know – is the brainchild of Jim Mellon, of the biotech incubator Juvenescence, Dafina Grapci-Penney, Managing Director of Greentarget PR, and podcast alum Prof Andrew Scott, the London Business School economist who gifted us and countless governments with the longevity policy bibie that is The 100 Year Life. Their forum has become a must-attend ideas exchange for the world’s leading longevity scientists and social scientists. Lucky me, I got to talk stem cells, cartilage regeneration, zombie cells and the much-pursued longevity dividend with Prof Cox.


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