A men's health specialist on the "forgotten epidemic" of low testosterone

Women in the demon grip of menopause – those of us who don’t sail through it with nary a care – might well scoff at men who clamour for attention for their struggles with andropause, the male menopause.

Are they even comparable? And don’t only a small percentage of men experience it?

Questions I put to Dr Jeff Foster, a men’s health specialist here in the UK.

We cover the men’s health fundamentals – the importance of testosterone and estrogen, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, turtle bellies, “moobs” (man boobs)  and more.

Dr Foster is the author of the excellent, practical book Man Alive: The Health Problems Men Face and How to Fix Them.

Alongside his work within the National Health Service, the NHS, he’s a co-funder of H3 Health, a private clinic in Warwickshire for midlife men and women.

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