UK #RealFood doctors making their mark against lifestyle diseases shortening healthspans

This one’s a blend of three core strands of The Big Middle: living healthier for longer, the disconnect between chronological and biological age, and the midlife transition. In this case, let’s call it a mid-course correction with a big dollop of newfound purpose.

My guests are #RealFood revolutionaries in the grassroots, global effort to stamp out the lifestyle diseases killing too many of us. The world over, they’re as respected as they are adored for their knowledge, energy, humility and contagious good cheer.

It’s the Unwins, Dr Jen, a clinical health psychologist, and husband Dr David, a general practitioner or family doctor.

We talk about the wealth of clinical data they’ve contributed in more than a dozen peer-reviewed medical papers about their Real Food, drug-free approach to treating Type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. We talk too about their success in helping sugar addicts recover, the importance of what David calls a “diet of influences”, and his sea-change embrace of social media.

Jen’s book Fork in the Road: A Hopeful Guide to Food Freedom and David’s sugar infographics are essential elements of their work to help all of us enjoy optimal health for as long as possible.

I put them on the ultimate power trip by appointing them Ministers of Public Health for The World with unlimited resources and full control. You’ll hear their ideas for radical public health policy reform.

And because this is #TheBigMiddle, we learn about their transformational experience of the classic midlife reawakening and mind shift. They agree being older offers opportunities for continuous growth and learning that aren’t seized upon and celebrated enough.

Enjoy learning from these fabulous, generous, inspirational humans!

Beware – there’s feedback noise on the line that we valiantly tried to suppress but, hey ho, it insisted on gobbling some words. 

<< Please view the information in this episode as only that; it should not be construed as personal medical advice. Go to your GP or family doctor for that. >>


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